New York - Five Top Tips!

I've always wanted to visit New York, so when we decided to go, I knew I didn't want to do anything by halves. We used Travel Counsellors as they do everything for you and make your experience completely bespoke, they'll ensure you get good flight times and that your hotel is located near to the attractions or areas you'd like to visit. They also organise your transfers.

It probably isn't the cheapest option but I don't know when I'll be able to visit again, so I didn't mind possibly paying a little more to have a stress free trip!

A few people have asked me questions about visiting New York so I thought I would collate these tips on the tips I picked up when I went! I hope they are helpful if you've never visited America, just like I hadn't.
  • When you arrive, you may have to pay a hotel tax on top of the cost of the hotel. We had to pay an extra around $11 for each night and that was for the gym facility (which we did not use!) and I think that's also the WiFi use and little things like that. You pay that when you leave so don't get too carried away in Macy's! 

  • Most items in stores don't include the tax on the price tag, this might be a well known fact but I forgot every time! Although it might seem like just a couple of dollars, it all adds up - so consider this when you're budgeting for your holiday money. 
  • You will do a lot of walking, so definitely wear comfortable shoes. Even my most comfortable shoes became uncomfortable eventually so I'd consider getting some soft insoles in future.

  • Public transport is super cheap! A Metrocard for the week was around $25 and allowed us to get to all of the landmarks, from the 9/11 Memorial site, to the staten island ferry with ease. I mean, getting in a yellow taxi is the dream, but they are so pricey. They look better from the outside anyway right? 
  • Customer service is amazing in the US, so make sure you tip! It's very taboo not to tip, so again, consider this when you are thinking about travel money as you need to tip between 8-12%. 

  • As with most warm countries, all of the public buildings are air conditioned, so I always carry a small moisturiser and lip balm with me as it dries out my skin, I also take antihistamines each day as it plays havoc with my allergies. I'd also suggest taking a light jacket as there's nothing worse than sitting in a beautiful restaurant shivering! 

I hope these tips were useful if you're a New York novice like me! 
Comment below if you have any more tips :) 

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