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I was lucky enough to get a hamper from the lovely team at Antidotestreet.com which included this gorgeous face serum from Yours Truly Organics, and I instantly fell in love!  

I'm really fussy about the products I use on my skin, particularly my face as this can be quite sensitive. I basically judge when my hair needs washing on whether I'm having a mini break out! So when I was sent this product that was natural and organic, I wasn't scared to try it out. 

I love the phrase 'true beauty starts with being yourself; I really think that it's important to look after your skin and hair, because what happens if one day there's a zombie apocalypse and we can't get any makeup products? Yeah so I'm basically preparing!

This product is the Fix me! Repairing Serum. It's a little steep at £28, so I must admit, I use it sparingly. When my skin needs some TLC or I am feeling extra oily, I use this particularly on my T-Zone and it works wonders.

Yours Truly Organics says it smooths, repairs and tightens your skin with this oat kernel enriched serum, so it does exactly what it says on the tin! 

I apply this with a cotton wool pad before my face moisturiser, it smells super fresh and like I've really made the extra effort! 

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