Dreamy Brunch at Menagerie

One way I try to experience new restaurants is by going for breakfast or brunch instead of dinner. This is because the brunch menu is often a lot more affordable, and you don't have to decide well in advance as it's less likely you'll need to book a table!

Top Tip - You also don't need to worry about being bloated in your fancy evening outfit, as you can wear just about anything to go for breakfast! 

Last weekend, a few of my friends came to visit me in Manchester for the weekend. Although I moved here in summer 2016, the months fly by so fast, so we don't always get to have a day out as we're now spread across the country. Of course this gives us every excuse to go out to eat. 

I took the opportunity to try some new restaurants and host a movie night at my flat. One of the highlights of the weekend was visiting Menagerie in Salford. If you're looking for an Instagram worthy restaurant - you're in the right place. 

Brunch isn't served until 12, which seems a little late to me, but it was great as we had the choice of the lunch menu too! The brunch menu didn't have a lot of choice, but as it was quiet they were really flexible when it came to tailoring what we wanted to eat and drink. 

I had a mocktail that didn't have a name, I just said I wanted something sweet, and in no time at all the bartender had whipped up something magical. To eat, I had the buttermilk pancakes with a side of eggs. 

I loved the restaurant so much and I can't wait to go back. From the service to the marble top tables and the Photo Booth, it made for a great lunch setting, not to mention the huge portions. 

I'm so excited to go back to Menagerie, as it allows you to feel like it's a really special occasion but without the 'special' price tag.

Just another reason why I love living in Manchester! 

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