Updated Wash & Go Routine!

Left = Summer 2016, Right = January 2017

Happy New Year!

I'm back to blogging and hope I can keep it up this year. I'm not going to do a huge post about keeping up with my blog and what I hope to write about, better to just get on with it eh?

So what have I learnt about Wash & Go's? First of all you really can't just wash and go! It takes me so much longer to get ready in the morning when I wear my hair in a Wash & Go style, rather than when it is straight, you'd assume it to be the other way round wouldn't you? So now I have learnt to accept that if I want my hair to look good, I need to leave extra time in the morning. 

I've also tried to stop looking at what natural hair bloggers on Instagram do with their Wash & Go styles and started to work out what works on my hair best. I'm feel like I'm getting through the trial and error stage, (I'm probably still in it) but I'm sure I'll do another post just like this in another years time!

My current routine is as follows:

Wash Hair 

I've cut down the amount of times I wash my hair, as it is drying no matter how hydrating the shampoo is, but I do have to wet my hair at least every other day to achieve a 'fresh' look. That's just how I prefer it. 

Apply a Leave In Conditioner

Again, I don't do this every day, but certainly after a big hair wash or if it starts to get dry and lack lustre. 

Dab dry with a t-shirt, I avoid using a towel or rubbing my hair to reduce frizz. 

Add 100% pure Coconut Oil, occasionally. I have a real pet hate for product build up, so I try to avoid adding to much oil. 

Apply a curling agent whilst the hair is damp. At the moment I use either the Shea Moisture Curling Gel SoufflĂ© (my personal favourite) but I've recently started using the Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie which does improve curl definition without leaving the hair crispy.

I then use my all time favourite thing in the world. MY DIFFUSER! I use a cheap one from Argos, it was around £10.99 and it's great, now I just cringe as I think of all the hairstyles I tried to pull off without it!

I then use a soft brush and Eco Styler Gel to neaten the front, and then tighten it with my good old makeshift hair band made from an old leg from a pair of tights.

I then pick my fro with the afro comb so that the curls have body and my head doesn't look so much of a pea. 

What's your Wash & Go routine? Comment below! 

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