The Breakfast Club - Review

For my 23rd birthday in September, I was whisked away to London for the weekend for a few days of delicious food, theatre and relaxation.

On my actual birthday, I was determined to find the perfect brunch spot and the breakfast club sprang to mind! We were staying at the Tower Hotel, so took a short walk through the vibrant Borough market to stumble upon the entrance of the foodie haven. 

I was surprised to find that there wasn't much of a queue, but that changed after five minutes as we ended up heading a long line of couples all eagerly hopping around waiting to tuck in. You know that hop you do when you just can't wait? Yes that. As a marketing geek, I think they personally keep the restaurants small to provide that buzz of being able to get a table, but I totally fell for it and it didn't bother me one bit.      


The cosy eatery was packed, with half of those being the waiters themselves. Personally, I love visiting busy restaurants where you can't hear yourself speak and this was just that. Everything was nostalgic and they even pinned their tips to the walls! 

Now not to forget the food, I had the chicken and waffles with a coffee. MMM. I think I would have preferred a sweet waffle rather than the savoury lemon that I was served, but thats just because I love a sweet and salty combination. 

I'd definitely recommend a visit to the Breakfast Club as it's the perfect place to kickstart a weekend in London. Although there's more than one, it doesn't feel like one of many and thats what is so great. For a breakfast for 2 we paid around £25, so its not the cheapest, but definitely worth it for the experience! 

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