Simple Rocky Road Recipe


3 Tablespoons of Golden Syrup
Mini Marshmallows
125g of Unsalted Butter 
300g of Milk Chocolate/White Chocolate
4 Digestive Biscuits 

I am no baker, I love eating cakes but quite frankly I can never get it quite right myself. For a quick sweet treat that is easy and fun to make without even needing to turn the oven on , I would definitely recommend whipping up a homemade Rocky Road! 

All of these ingredients I got from Tesco and altogether I spent around £9 (face palm). Next time I make this I will probably get cooking chocolate and you could even get a cheap non branded chocolate, however this rocky road tasted really creamy and went down a treat! Most people add nuts or raisins to their Rocky Road but I left those out. 

First of all I preheated the pan on a low heat as I was scared to burn it! You will be surprised how easily it melts. I put all of the butter in and melted that down, then added all of the chocolate. When all of that was melted I took out half of the chocolate and put it in a mug and put that aside. 

I then added 3 Tablespoons of Golden Syrup. Next up, I put the biscuits into a bag, a clean plastic bag will do just fine if you don't have any freezer bags, then I just bashed that around until there was a mixture of crumbs and bigger chunks of biscuits. 

I then added the biscuits to the mix. Next I added a large handful of mini marshmallows. If you can't find mini ones, Im pretty sure you could cut up some bigger ones and sprinkle them in, as they all get melted anyway! 

I then mixed it all, but don't let it go to mushy as you still want some biscuit pieces. I then turned off the heat and put it all into a medium size pyrex dish. 

I then poured the rest of the chocolate that was in the mug on top.

To finish, I put it in the fridge for 2 hours. 

The best thing about this recipe is that you can choose whichever chocolate you like and add as many or as few marshmallows and biscuits as you like. 

PS. Be careful when cutting it up as it is very tough after setting.

If you have any suggestions of desserts that don't require baking please do let me know! 

Enjoy :) 


My DIY Silk Press

The Preparation

This is probably the most important part of the process if you want to make your big bouncy afro smooth and sleek. I find that my hair straightens the best when it is just washed so use something very clarifying! When I intend to straighten my hair after washing, I use the KeraCare Hydrating Detangling Shampoo as it makes my hair feel really moisturised and I have noticed that it reduces frizz.  I then used the Shea Moisture Deep Conditioner. I comb out my hair in the shower and twist it into sections so that it is easier to manage later on. 

I don't usually towel dry my hair but when I'm planning to straighten it anyway I speed up the process by towel drying it. When it is still damp I spray it with the Argan Oil Heat Defence Leave in Spray and then apply this amazing Vatika Coconut Hair Oil to lock in the moisture. 

The Tools

Nicky Clarke Hairdryer 

I use this to dry and stretch each section and separate it into small sections before straightening, sounds time consuming and yes it is but if you want it really straight and sleek it's best to do it properly first time round.

This Hairdryer is great because you can make it cool, warm, hot, I am pretty sure most hairdryers do that but its great for natural hair as you don't always want it on the hot setting. It isn't too heavy either, and if you have a lot of hair that's exactly what you need. 

Wooden Comb

I prefer to use a wooden comb these days, I find that it doesn't snag and doesn't hurt my head as much as a plastic one. 

Thin Comb

This is KEY to getting hair looking layered and bouncy. I straighten my hair in tiny sections, split off from the already quite small sections and always make sure to curl it round and the ends. To me, dead straight ends on natural hair makes it look a bit lifeless. 

Lee Stafford Hair Straighteners
Before Straightening I apply the Creme of Nature Smooth and Shine Polisher and I love it. It smells amazing and is really light weight.

I straighten it on quite a hot setting, I do this because I don't want to keep going over the same spot of hair over and over again.

Freshly Washed and Damp


After Straightening, I spray it with hairspray if it is for a night out, I used the Tresemme Firm Hold spray and my style stayed in tact until the next day! I then wrap the top with a silk scarf. Before I go out I then fluff it out again with my fingers to make it full!

The Finished Look 

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