NYX Suede Lipgloss - Review

Now that cosmetic companies are catering to all shades of people a lot more now, I feel that I no longer have to go on an expedition just to find foundation to suit my skin colour. However one product that I always have trouble with finding,  is the perfect nude lipstick, but I think I have found it and its cheap! 

Availability & Price 

Due to a huge PR push and new stands in Boots, you just can't escape NYX lately, but I am not complaining. I love that the products have really cute packaging and are great sizes, but are also affordable, this product is £6.50 and has 12 different shades. You can find it here. 

Applicator & Formula 
The lipgloss has a doe foot applicator which is my favourite type for a lip product, it is soft and really works with the type of glossy formula it comes out as. The only issue I have is that it soaks up a lot of the product so there is a lot on your lips. What I do is use a small makeup brush to make sure it stays within the lines of my lips. 
The formula comes out glossy and then dries matte within a few seconds. It is infused with avocado oil and vitamin E, and I can really feel the benefit of this when I wear it as it isn't drying for me at all! 

I bought mine in the shade Sandstorm and its perfect for a natural, soft makeup look. I have dark skin but I also think it would look nice on any shade. The colour is so pigmented for the price, and it lasts a long time, sort of like a stain which is a good thing for this shade. Also as it is quite neutral it goes with most lip liners. 

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