Beauty Haul - First Impressions

I'm a complete product junkie and I have always been in to makeup, but recently all my hoarding has been focused on hair products. So I thought it was time to start revamping my makeup collection slowly and surely. I say surely, but I got all of this over 2 days! 

Below are my first impressions of the products and at the bottom I have included links, where I can find them of the products online. I got everything in River Island, Boots and Selfridges. 

1. Lashes by Samantha - These lashes are so fluttery and natural looking for any occasion. I stumbled upon these in River Island and really liked that they didn't have a thick black strip like others do. 

2. Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation in Shade Spice - This foundation is so amazing! I mix mine with Loreal True Match Foundation to give it more of a dewy brown colour and I have had so many compliments since I have been wearing it. It was a great experience purchasing it also. I got mine from there kiosk in the Trafford Centre and had my colour matched. 

3. Nyx Matte Finish Spray - This really does work considering how cheap it is! I have a really oily T zone and wanted to have a matte finish so I gave this a go with the finishing powder and it holds for hours. Working as a waitress it even holds during my shifts!

4. Nyx Liquid Suede - This is the best nude lipgloss I have used in a long time, if ever. It is notoriously difficult to find a nice matte lip gloss when you have darker skin so I took a chance on this and I love it. It goes on 'liquid' and dries matte. Separate review coming soon... 

5. Collection Fast Stroke Eyeliner - I don't really believe in spending a lot on a liquid eyeliner. This is because every time I have spent a little extra on one it seems to dry out, or get lost! So I am sticking to collection eyeliners. Once sprayed with the finishing powder it stays on all day and is super sleek and black, you wouldn't guess it was less than a fiver. 

6. Nyx Liquid Illuminator - This product is such an easy way to get a bit of a shimmery highlight. It comes out as a liquid and you only need a tiny drop. The golden tint is perfect for darker skin tones. 

7. Nyx HD Finishing Powder - I was going to invest in the Laura Mercier setting powder, but at £29 I thought I would look for a cheaper alternative first. I tried this out and so far I love it, it is translucent and you only need a small amount to keep your makeup in place without that grey ashy look. It stops me from getting oily but doesn't mask my makeup. 

8. Maybelline Lash Sensation - This isn't a new product for me but it is a staple for my every day makeup, I love it. It makes my eyelashes thick and elongated instantly and it is really affordable. 

Lashes by Samantha - £5

Ester Double Wear Foundation - Shade Spice - Around £30 

Nyx Setting Spray - £7 

Nyx Liquid Suede - Matte Lipgloss - Sandstorm £6.50 

Collection - Fast Stroke Eyeliner (Boots - Approx £2)

Nyx Liquid Illuminator - £7

Nyx HD Finishing Powder -  £7

Maybelline Lash Sensational - £7.99 


Straight to Curly Hair Routine!

I straightened my hair properly for the first in months last week, and I was a little bit worried about it not reverting, especially as I have been working so hard to get a good routine going! Luckily it bounced back (literally) bigger and better than ever so I thought I would blog about what I used to make the transition as smooth as possible. 


So first of all, before i washed my hair I made sure it was fully combed out, free from any grips, because they tend to get lost in there, and I sprayed it with some water to get the process going. 


I then washed it with my ALL TIME FAVOURITE shampoo, the Aphogee Shampoo for Damaged Hair. I think this shampoo is around £5.99 but it lasts quite a long time and is great at clarifying my hair, defining curls and reducing frizz. 

You can see my wash routine here. However I am probably going to update it again soon! 


I then made sure that was rinsed out and then, if I am honest I then shampoo'd it AGAIN with Keracare Hydrating Detangling Shampoo. I find that this one adds a lot more moisture and adds a bit of 'juiciness'. 


Then whilst it was damp, I separated it into four sections using clips and used the Shea Moisture Strength & Restore Treatment Masque throughout the sections from root to end. I then wrapped my hair in a plastic bag and then used the hairdryer on a warm setting over the top for about 20 minutes. This is to restore my hair after all the heat I used last week, I was a little sceptical about buying it as that little tub was £12.99 but all the reviews convinced me! I definitely think it is a good product, my hair is much curlier and springy and the shrinkage was more than usual! 


I then washed this out and blotted the water out with a t-shirt. Then I applied a mixture of argon oil and coconut oil to the damp hair all over. I would usually added castor oil but I didn't have it with me this time. I then split my hair into four sections and made sure it was moisturised. I used the Keracare Hair Milk, Daily Hair Sustainer after that to lock the moisture in. 


I then got my Creme of Nature Argon Oil Twirling Custard and did a medium sized twist out. I slept on this in a pineapple style wrapped in a silk scarf. 


The next day may hair looked a bit flat, I still haven't mastered the twist out, so whilst I was in the shower I flashed some water on my hair to add some life back in and that worked a treat. I then got out the shower and shook it thoroughly and used the blowdryer on a cool setting to make sure it was fully dry.


I applied more oil each day and slept with it in a pineapple wrapped in a scarf. I took this picture 2 days after washing and as soon as I woke up so nothing is on my hair at this stage. 

Disclaimer - I am not a professional and I am still learning, everyone's hair is different so things that work for me might not work for you and vice/versa. :) 


Tangerine Talons

In my world, the colour of my nails is a pretty good indication of my mood. So I was in a pretty good mood when I bought this! I picked it up in Boots.

Spring is on its way and its time to step away from dull neutral colours, and opt for something bright. This shade is Tangerine Tent and it is part of the Rita Ora collection for Rimmel. 

I wear a lot of neutral clothes , khaki, grey, black, so my nails are a way for me to bring some brightness into an outfit. 

I would definitely recommend this nail varnish, its affordable, super pigmented ; it is bright with just one stroke, and its a great pick-me-up if you are tied to your desk all day doing assignments or work!

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