January Favourites

January is possibly the best month to read (and watch on YouTube) all the bloggers favourites, as it follows Christmas and everyone has time to test out things they are loving. 

This is a quick post to show the things that I have been obsessed with in January. 

First of all my 2016 Cath Kidston calendar is sooooo pretty and helps me to stay organised now that final year is getting stressful. With birthdays and deadlines looming now until May is quite honestly going to be the most stressful time of my education so far, but keeping organised and writing everything down is one way to stay sane. This was a birthday present and my birthday is in September so I have been waiting a long time to use this! 

Eco Styler Gel has been a lifesaver this month whilst I have been cutting back on styling my hair with heat. It is SO windy right now in Birmingham so this helps to keep my hair in place (as much as possible) I have tried both the green Eco Styler and this one that has Argan Oil in. I'd recommend this as it isn't too drying and it holds your hair right in place quickly. It is also quite affordable. 

The Scrub from Soap and Glory is actually the Scrub of My Life like it says on the bottle! It smells amazing and makes me feel like I have just had a massage. LOVE. 

My favourite scents this month have been Cashmere from Next and Lady Million by Paco Rabbane, both were gifts. I am into really strong warm scents and these both are. That is the best way to describe them. Also, don't underestimate perfume from Next, the scent lasts so long and I always get complimented on it! 

The Ice Twins was a completely different type of book to what I would ever usually read but it was definitely one that made me sit back and think. I will be uploading a review at some point!
What are your January favourites? 

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