How I Stay Organised for University!

It's that time of the academic year where organisation is everything. I truly believe that sometimes being organised outweighs actually being smart 'clever' so all these notebooks better help me out! 

Also, that is just another one of my excuses to have a pretty bookshelf.
Most of these things were gifts but they are definitely things I couldn't live without now

First of all my MacBook Pro is actually my life. Until recently I hadn't been into using an electronic/online calendar but it now I like to use both for practicalities, as it can be quite heavy to carry my laptop AND diary to uni (First World Problems) and because I get a reminder on my phone and on my laptop. 

To the right is my week planner, this is great to write down shifts at work or blog posts or your gym schedule! This was a gift from John Lewis, you can find it here

Next up is my Cath Kidston Pencil Case. All the Cath Kinston stuff you can see here my boyfriend bought me for my birthday, I can't believe he spent that long in there! I guess you could say a pencil case is a bit childish, but a lost memory stick is no laughing matter, so I like carrying around my essentials in this. I also keep lip balm, earphones etc in there. This is the 'Billie Goes to Town' Pencil Case.

My Pen came in a box which makes for a great gift and is so pretty... too nice to use for scribbling notes at uni! I couldn't find the exact one but here is a similar version .

The notebook is great to use as a diary. It is hardback and doesn't have any dividers so not the best for university, but great for blog ideas or just general life notes! Here is a similar one. 

I don't quite know how I coped without a wall calendar before this! It's so handy if someone asks you if you are available last minute, and you can just glance at the wall. Also, it's great for me to see when my deadlines are due so I can see how close together they are and cry plan accordingly.
I couldn't find a link to where this was available online as you can imagine (It is February!). 
But you could probably get one discounted now which is even better! 

Last but not least is my 'Life Book' it says that is for organised mums ha! But it is actually so helpful, there are pages for you to write down your budget, and just about  anything you can think of. 

So I have a bit of a stationery addiction and it seems like everyone knows it!
What are your favourite ways to stay organised? 

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