Hair Update - Working on Heat Damaged Hair & Wash Routine

As you can probably tell, I couldn't think of a short title for this post! I have been styling my hair without heat for about 6 weeks now and I cannot believe the progress it has made, and I thought it would also be a good idea to start documenting it. 

Both pictures were taking straight after washing. The white residue you can see is my leave in conditioner, I use the Cantu Shea Butter Leave in which is so easy and quick to use. I have also been trying the Aphogee Pro Vitamin conditioner, I thought I would prefer it because it is in a spray bottle, but I totally prefer the creamy texture of the Cantu one.

As you can see in the top picture my hair is quite limp and is practically straight on the ends due to heat damage. I never thought I would be able to do a wash and go style like below without doing a huge chop, but with time and patience I have learnt that your hair will love you if you love it back! I 

The main thing that I think has brought the body, fullness and curl back into my hair is of course cutting down on using heat. Secondly, I have been washing it about twice a week with non sulphate shampoo and using products that emphasise having lots of protein in them and stating that they are for damaged hair. 

(I am hoping to start making my own protein masks but I haven't got round to it yet) 

In-between washes I have been using the LOC method as a way of keeping the moisture in, and spraying it with water constantly because there really is no better way to moisture your hair than H20! 

I have stopped using towels to dry my hair as this just causes frizz, and the texture of towels will rub against the curls in your hair. Instead I use an old t-shirt and just wrap it round to stop it dripping. I know it is best to air dry it but my hair takes ages to dry and I hate feeling it drip down my neck. EW! 

So, for now I think I have perfected my wash routine. I use the Aphogee Shampoo for damaged hair. Then I put loads of the Cantu Shea Butter Leave in Conditioning repair cream and let it air dry for about 20 minutes, then put a t-shirt on it (whilst I do my makeup). After that, whilst it is still damp i put coconut oil onto my hair by sectioning it and making sure it is mostly on the roots. Sometimes If I have somewhere I need to be I will use my hairdryer on the cool setting to speed it up a bit! 

The creamy set product is my new favourite, it sets curls just like eco styler gel but without the stiffness, and like all these products it is available in your local hair shop. I didn't buy any of these things online.

I get quite a few people asking me what I use, so I hope that helps. 

If you have any suggestions for products feel free to comment below! 

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