Two Mascaras for Stand Out Eyelashes

I love layering on the mascara, I think it makes your face look softer and more feminine. Especially during the colder weather when you can end up looking a bit washed out, its a great way to make your features stand out.

In the past I usually used the Loreal Lash Sensational mascara to separate and lengthen my eyelashes before using a thicker mascara, but I find that these mascaras apply well and still make your lashes look lengthy. I still swear by Loreal Lash Sensational but these are two new additions to my makeup bag that can add that extra oomph during a dull January.

This mascara is called Thick and Fast by Soap and Glory. If you want big thick black eyelashes this is one for you my friend. With just one coat my eyelashes really stand out, and with two I look ready for a night out. The formula is thick, but doesn't feel heavy on the lashes, and Im sure it will last me a very long time! You can buy it here but I suggest getting the Whole She Bang Kit in Boots which is now just £18 and includes this and a load of other products too!

This mascara is the Clinique High Impact Mascara. The product pictured is just 3.5g, great for carrying in your handbag or for travelling. I got this in the Clinique Bonus Time Gift Set, but you can get the full one here. With this product you can build a really volumised lash, but if you want a more natural look you can achieve this with less application. I find that it isn't too hard to remove either, unlike the Thick and Fast mascara.

What are your favourite mascaras for full looking lashes? 

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