The £1 Nail Varnish

I love a good bargain but I don't often skimp on hair and beauty products, I'd rather wait a while and then buy what I really want or just ask for it for my birthday or Christmas. HOWEVER These £1 nail varnishes by MUA, available in Superdrug or online here are so good!

It takes just 2 coats for full thick coverage which is about the same as any normal expensive nail varnish and the brush isn't like those cheap nail varnishes you can get with the thin wispy brush that can end up painted on your nail!

The range of colours is amazing, and I was surprised that they had trendy nude colours. If I'm going to a last minute party I always end up finding just the colour I need. The only other thing I have tried out from this brand is the neutral eyeshadow pallette which was also good.

 What do you think of this brand?

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