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Hair Chat...
I am not usually one for Hair Masks, only due to laziness because once I am out of the shower I don't want to get all nice and warm and then have to go back in again, especially in Winter! 
But I am currently trying to refrain from using heat on my hair, because honestly I was just bored of wearing it straight all the time, and it is natural but really doesnt look it because I press it all the time. I have a bit of heat damage at the front of my hair where I straightened it the most so I have to make sure I put rollers in the ends so that it doesn't look straight where the rest of it curls. That was the main thing stopping me from just washing it and leaving it rather than blowdrying and straightening etc. 
So thats the current situation. I will eventually start taking pictures and document different styles etc... But for now I am just finding my feet in managing my fro (and blogging!) because I have A LOT of hair and it is very thick so its pretty time consuming leaving it in a natural style. 
I realise that the most important thing to do with hair especially during any transition is to keep it moisturised, and water is the best there is, so all week I have been wetting my hair constantly and by doing that I have realised that I do actually have a curls!
I have had mini twists in my hair for a week, this was a protective style because I was getting bored of styling it, but I undid that today (Sunday pamper day) and washed my hair.
Following that, this is where the Vatika Deep Conditioning Hair Mask came in! Last week I did the Aphogee two step protein treatment and quite honestly I have never seen my hair that curly, so that inspired me to keep trying new products. I will definitely have to do a review with pictures, but it is quite expensive at around £16.99 (stolen from mums hair draw) so that will have to wait! 
Keep reading if you want to see how I got on with this mask.
Vatika Naturals Black Seed Deep Conditioning Hair Mask Review... 
This mask cost £5.99, just from a local hair shop but you can also get it online here!
It is supposed to promote hair growth, moisture and shine. 

On first impressions, it is a really gross colour, its a dark green colour and the texture is just like conditioner but a bit thicker. It smells really strong and soapy, which is more encouraging than the look of the product. 

  • Its a decent price for a lot of product, I think all of the tubs are 500g which is a good amount.
  • The packaging is quite nice and it just does what it says on the tub. You could also reuse the tub for something else. 
  • The best thing I like about this mask is that my hair felt really moisturised and light after using it.
  • The smell makes you feel like you are really doing something for your hair, but it doesn't tingle or feel like it has any harmful chemicals in. 
  • It completely detangled my hair after washing and made it super wavy.
  • Personally I would have preferred the mask if it turned hard like clay because I think it would be easier to wash out and you could easily see if you left any product in your hair. 
  • The packaging doesn't tell you how much to apply which is annoying, I think this is a bit of marketing because if you use more than you need you are obviously going to run out quicker.
Overall I had a good experience with this mask and I will use it again.

Let me know if you have used this mask before or if you have any suggestions for more products to review! xxx 

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