Trying out the LOC Method! - On a Budget!

So this is the first tutorial on my blog and I am very excited at how it turned out! I have a lot of improvements to make but we've all got to start somewhere. 

My hair was very dry after a day out in the cold and wind as you can see in the first picture. I had it in a low pony tail with a puff at the back and it felt really tangled and wiry by the evening, so I had to do something about it ASAP. I heard that the LOC method was the most popular way to lock in moisture but I didn't have a lot of products to work with and I thought it would be interesting if to see if it would work on a student budget!

L - This stands for liquid. As I said, this is a budget version so I just used water! Water is the ultimate  moisturiser so you can't really go wrong! However most other tutorials use a water based leave-in conditioner, If I had it, I would have used the Cantu Shea Butter Leave-In Conditioner. 

O - This stands for oil. The oil works as a sealant to keep the moisture locked in. I used Jasmine Oil because it was to hand, but Coconut Oil is a popular alternative. 

C- This stands for cream. I used Shea Butter as it is quite heavy, but really a styling cream is supposed to be used for this. Next time I would like to try the Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie but I think this worked for now! 

I then used Eco-Styler gel and twisted my hair to save myself some time in the morning to define the curls, I then put flexi rods and curlers at the ends because I do have some heat damage on the ends and it ensures that it is curly all the way round. I then wrap my hair with a silk scarf. 

I will keep you updated with how this keeps the moisture in my hair, I have read other blog posts that say their hair stayed moisturised for a week, so let's see if that works! 


Hair Chat & Vatika Hair Mask Review

Hair Chat...
I am not usually one for Hair Masks, only due to laziness because once I am out of the shower I don't want to get all nice and warm and then have to go back in again, especially in Winter! 
But I am currently trying to refrain from using heat on my hair, because honestly I was just bored of wearing it straight all the time, and it is natural but really doesnt look it because I press it all the time. I have a bit of heat damage at the front of my hair where I straightened it the most so I have to make sure I put rollers in the ends so that it doesn't look straight where the rest of it curls. That was the main thing stopping me from just washing it and leaving it rather than blowdrying and straightening etc. 
So thats the current situation. I will eventually start taking pictures and document different styles etc... But for now I am just finding my feet in managing my fro (and blogging!) because I have A LOT of hair and it is very thick so its pretty time consuming leaving it in a natural style. 
I realise that the most important thing to do with hair especially during any transition is to keep it moisturised, and water is the best there is, so all week I have been wetting my hair constantly and by doing that I have realised that I do actually have a curls!
I have had mini twists in my hair for a week, this was a protective style because I was getting bored of styling it, but I undid that today (Sunday pamper day) and washed my hair.
Following that, this is where the Vatika Deep Conditioning Hair Mask came in! Last week I did the Aphogee two step protein treatment and quite honestly I have never seen my hair that curly, so that inspired me to keep trying new products. I will definitely have to do a review with pictures, but it is quite expensive at around £16.99 (stolen from mums hair draw) so that will have to wait! 
Keep reading if you want to see how I got on with this mask.
Vatika Naturals Black Seed Deep Conditioning Hair Mask Review... 
This mask cost £5.99, just from a local hair shop but you can also get it online here!
It is supposed to promote hair growth, moisture and shine. 

On first impressions, it is a really gross colour, its a dark green colour and the texture is just like conditioner but a bit thicker. It smells really strong and soapy, which is more encouraging than the look of the product. 

  • Its a decent price for a lot of product, I think all of the tubs are 500g which is a good amount.
  • The packaging is quite nice and it just does what it says on the tub. You could also reuse the tub for something else. 
  • The best thing I like about this mask is that my hair felt really moisturised and light after using it.
  • The smell makes you feel like you are really doing something for your hair, but it doesn't tingle or feel like it has any harmful chemicals in. 
  • It completely detangled my hair after washing and made it super wavy.
  • Personally I would have preferred the mask if it turned hard like clay because I think it would be easier to wash out and you could easily see if you left any product in your hair. 
  • The packaging doesn't tell you how much to apply which is annoying, I think this is a bit of marketing because if you use more than you need you are obviously going to run out quicker.
Overall I had a good experience with this mask and I will use it again.

Let me know if you have used this mask before or if you have any suggestions for more products to review! xxx 


The £1 Nail Varnish

I love a good bargain but I don't often skimp on hair and beauty products, I'd rather wait a while and then buy what I really want or just ask for it for my birthday or Christmas. HOWEVER These £1 nail varnishes by MUA, available in Superdrug or online here are so good!

It takes just 2 coats for full thick coverage which is about the same as any normal expensive nail varnish and the brush isn't like those cheap nail varnishes you can get with the thin wispy brush that can end up painted on your nail!

The range of colours is amazing, and I was surprised that they had trendy nude colours. If I'm going to a last minute party I always end up finding just the colour I need. The only other thing I have tried out from this brand is the neutral eyeshadow pallette which was also good.

 What do you think of this brand?


Two Mascaras for Stand Out Eyelashes

I love layering on the mascara, I think it makes your face look softer and more feminine. Especially during the colder weather when you can end up looking a bit washed out, its a great way to make your features stand out.

In the past I usually used the Loreal Lash Sensational mascara to separate and lengthen my eyelashes before using a thicker mascara, but I find that these mascaras apply well and still make your lashes look lengthy. I still swear by Loreal Lash Sensational but these are two new additions to my makeup bag that can add that extra oomph during a dull January.

This mascara is called Thick and Fast by Soap and Glory. If you want big thick black eyelashes this is one for you my friend. With just one coat my eyelashes really stand out, and with two I look ready for a night out. The formula is thick, but doesn't feel heavy on the lashes, and Im sure it will last me a very long time! You can buy it here but I suggest getting the Whole She Bang Kit in Boots which is now just £18 and includes this and a load of other products too!

This mascara is the Clinique High Impact Mascara. The product pictured is just 3.5g, great for carrying in your handbag or for travelling. I got this in the Clinique Bonus Time Gift Set, but you can get the full one here. With this product you can build a really volumised lash, but if you want a more natural look you can achieve this with less application. I find that it isn't too hard to remove either, unlike the Thick and Fast mascara.

What are your favourite mascaras for full looking lashes? 


My Winter Hair Essentials with Cantu.

Conditioning is more crucial than ever during Winter, it is more likely that the crisp weather will dry out your hair which will lead to breakage and no-one wants that! My hair goal for this year is growth, so here are just two of the products I will be using to ensure that I reach that goal and get through these Winter months.

Cantu Shea Butter - Leave-In Conditioning Repair Cream.

As you can see from the image, the Cantu Shea Butter Leave-In Conditioner is well used in our house. It's a product that me and my mum just cannot get enough of! In fact you could go as far as to say that it is my favourite Leave In Conditioner of all time. First of all it smells great. This is a real essential for me at the moment as I am trying to refrain from using heat on my hair, and having nice smelling hair is one of the bonuses of giving the straighteners a break.

Secondly it is a really vital product at this time of the year, as it locks in moisture to prevent breakage. At this time of the year with the cold weather it is more likely that you lose hair due to the frosty weather that can dry it out. It's all about conditioning and moisturising.

Thirdly it is affordable at around £3.99 and it does contain quite a lot of product in the tub. I like the fact that you just put your hand in and scoop it out rather than having a pump that you have to press hundreds of times to get enough product, especially if you have thick hair like me.

Cantu Shea Butter - Daily Oil Moisturiser. 

This Daily Oil Moisturiser has all of the same benefits of the conditioner, but it's more for styling. I wouldn't recommend using this if you have your hair in a straight/pressed style as water is the first ingredient.

It smells amazing and is ideal for untangling hair after a long day of it being open to the elements. I would say that this product can be used everyday if you use a small amount, but a little goes a long way and I guess that depends on how well your hair soaks in the product. It isn't too heavy so that it ruins your style and it is also very affordable at around the £4 mark.

I have seen a lot of controversy around the use of mineral oil in this product, but personally for me it works great!

What are your favourite hair moisturisers for Winter? 


How I Stay Moisturised in Winter!

December was strangely warm, so it seems that Winter has come back with a vengeance and is punishing us with 1 degree temperatures and now snow *screams*. So here are the moisturising products that I have been using to stay hydrated, smooth and chap- free during winter. I dabble in different moisturisers a lot but these are the products that have really stood out and are now my go-to favourites. 

The Righteous Butter, Soap & Glory - £10.

I have used this before (but in the pump bottle) and it smells amazing. You can see more about the hygiene products that accompany it in the Whole She Bang kit here. This cream is much more of a butter, and it's consistency makes it feel like a high end product. It's like a coconut butter but without the horrible smell!

Clinique Turnaround Daytime & Turnaround Overnight - In the Clinique Bonus Time Gift Set.

I received the Clinique Bonus Time Gift Set and it is the most handy thing ever if you travel a lot. The full sized versions of these products are around £30 each, so it is definitely handy trying out the sample sizes before you invest. 

Both of the products are so effective. They are unscented, I only wear unscented creams on my face  because I am scared I will break out! The day cream is silky and doesn't feel too heavy, which is perfect for a day cream as you don't want it to be too cloggy underneath your makeup! 

The night cream is my favourite as it is quite thick and makes your skin feel like it has an extra layer on. I use it in the day sometimes also, especially if I'm not wearing makeup that day.

Clinique Baby Tint - In the Clinique Bonus Time Gift Set.

This lip balm is great because it lasts a long time and it also slightly tints your lips, so if you don't feel like wearing lipstick you will still look fresh and ready to go! Also if you have long nails like me it is much more practical than using vaseline. It comes with a lid but I took it off so you can see the lip balm properly. 

L'Occitane Cherry Blossom Hand Cream - £8, Debenhams

I received this in a gift set from L'Occitane and it is the best hand cream I have ever used! I used to swear by Soap and Glory Hand Food, yet this one contains Shea Butter which is just good for everything. It smells really strong which is nice when you aren't wearing much perfume, but can be a little bit overbearing when wearing other perfumes. No matter how cold it is, wear this and you will have amazingly soft hands. 

What are your essentials for the winter months? 

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Morning Hygiene Routine Favourites - January 2016

I was so excited to receive the 'It's The Whole She Bang' set for Christmas. It was available in Boots for £60 but is now only an incredible £18, much to my dismay even though it was a gift! I highly suggest buying it here.

My new favourite hygiene products come from this set, and after a month of using them day in, day out, I thought it was about right that I did a little review.

Clean On Me- I have been using this EVERYDAY. My favourite thing about this product is that it smells amazing. This shower gel smells so opulent and flowery, it is like having a pamper every morning, even if you are in a rush. The only downside is that it doesn't lather up very quickly but if you really squeeze it into a sponge or a shower puff (I don't know the technical name for it) it makes lots of cloudy bubbles. You leave the shower feeling soft and ready for the day. Sometimes I think that really scented shower gels don't make you feel as fresh and clean, and it might interfere with my perfume but with this I think it just accentuates any scent you may be wearing.  I follow this up with the Soap & Glory Body Butter which makes my skin feel super plump and moisturised. I will be doing a post on my current favourite moisturisers to follow this up, so I won't go into that too much now!

Peaches and Clean Deep Cleansing Milk - The first things that come to mind when I use this is 'it's nice'. That's all really. The formula is just like any other cleansing milk and I don't feel any tingling sensation when it is on my skin, which may be a good thing, but I do like to feel that the product is really doing something. I haven't noticed any fluctuation in spots or dry skin, which is a plus.

The Scrub of Your Life - IT ACTUALLY IS! This scrub is amazing, and it's so pretty! It works so well to leave your skin feeling silky, even if you haven't shaved your legs (it's cold out here). It smells just like the shower gel so that if you use both you don't leave the bathroom smelling like a sickly concoction of perfumes.

Overall, these products are perfect if you want to feel like a pampered princess everyday and now it is on sale I would highly recommend snapping it up, as it is certainly cheaper to buy this way than individually. You also get an amazing mascara and a selection of moisturisers.

Let me know if you have the set and please put any links below to your reviews! 


Thoughts on 2015 and Goals for 2016!

Happy New Year! 

2015 was a major year for me, in terms of personal development, finding out more about myself, where I 'fit in' and experiencing new things for the first time.

I turned 21 in September 2014, and it was a funny age, you're definitely not a teenager anymore, but you still feel like you can ask for help with everyday life decisions.. such as 'Mum will I die if I drink milk a day after the best before date?'

Most of the changes stem from my placement year which came to an end on the 31st July, in which I had a lot of major ups and downs. But overall, I do think it was an experience that toughened me up and truly taught me the meaning of independence.

I lived alone for the first time,
Flew alone for the first time,
Took on work important work tasks alone for the first time..
Pretty big stuff!

It was also the first year where I thought that decisions I start to make now will most likely effect my life, particularly long term decisions such as relationships, new friendships, career decisions and I also entered my final (EVER) year in education.

So although some of those things may not be important for some, it was a bit of an awakening for me.

Goals for 2016...

I am a little apprehensive when it comes to setting New Year Resolutions as I hate failure, so I have the tendency to avoid certain things altogether if I can't see a quick, or good result. 

However, this year I would like to:

Work on my health and fitness 

Make more time and effort for certain friends & family

Achieve a 2:1 Grade or higher in my degree

Get a graduate job

Blog more

Learn how to drive 

Use less heat on my hair 

Wish me luck! 

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