Time out at Thyme Out Didsbury

I'm thinking about making this into more of a food blog, but I don't always have the guts to take my phone out and start snapping shots. (First world problems) 

When someone asks where all my money goes, I can honestly say 60% is eating out. Im close to saying I'd rather spend money on food than clothes. 

Luckily, Thyme out in Didsbury, Manchester had the most beautiful patio outside where we sat and ate breakfast, so I could go wild with the camera... the Samsung did good!

I went for the Eggs Benedict with smoked salmon with a mocha on the side, altogether it was around £10. For delicious organic food and a bustling vibe, it's a great place to head to for a romantic Sunday brunch or something hearty after a night out.

It is 'oh so Didsbury' but don't be put off, there's a down to earth, yet sophisticated atmosphere at this one.

Check out their website for a little more information or just go and find out for yourself! 

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