Bonjour Bordeaux!

I love France. The pace of life, fast in Paris and quite the opposite everywhere else. The unrivalled sophisticated elegance of all the women no matter what age, and the style of the men, both young and old make it the perfect destination for both style inspiration and life inspiration, I always leave wanting to be just like them!

The food is something else. No matter how simple the dish it always feels like a celebration, and this time it really was.

Working in Travel PR, I was lucky enough to visit Bordeaux for a couple of days and see the sights of the beautiful city, Bouliac, Saint - Emilion and the vineyards that make some of the most expensive and renowned wines in the world. I said I was lucky!!

For a luxury getaway I would recommend Le Saint James, Bordeaux, a boutique and contemporary luxury hotel located 15 minutes from Bordeaux.

Visiting the markets in Bordeaux was a great experience, I always love to see the shopping habits of Parisians! 

We also enjoyed a tour of Saint Emilion, known as the 'French's favourite village' which attracts millions of visitors each year. It was fascinating to learn more about the history of the city and the tour guides were really passionate!

I am planning to visit France again soon, so far I have visited Paris, Chantilly and now Bordeaux, where would you suggest?

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