The Antidote to Your Black Hair Needs

Launched at the beginning of 2015, Antidote Street is a new online retailer with a mission to revolutionise access to top quality black hair and skin brands, offering a carefully curated selection of products to meet the beauty needs of the woman or man of colour in the UK.

Founded by three young entrepreneurs, Winnie Awa, Kamil Kluza and Seun Lawal, all of whom strongly advocate cutting the faff associated with black hair and skin care, antidotestreet.com was born out of a passion to improve the access and education of these products.

With the latest scandal  in regards to representation of black women, this time in Cosmopolitan magazine, there is no doubt that online retailers such as this have come at the right time. Cosmo has just reminded us once again that the representation of black hair and beauty in the UK still needs to be worked on and this website aims to provide a professional yet affordable service for men and women that may find it difficult to find what they are looking for. 

 The Antidote Street team is passionate about being an authoritative voice on how to use the products that customers purchase from Antidotestreet.com. Since the launch, the Antidotestreet.com team have implemented a number of initiatives to promote interactivity, education and personalise our offering to the Antidotestreet.com customer. Including:
The website is also enhanced by an informative blog with content provided by some of the most prevalent natural hair bloggers in the UK, offering useful advice on how to use the products as well as thought provoking content on culture, trends and fashion.

According to the founders:

"Antidote Street is created for the frustrated customer who has had to search high and low for 'that product', travelled out of their way to find it or paid twice the amount in shipping in order to get it"

This much-needed site delivers a hassle-free user experience; efficiently delivering a carefully curated selection of the most popular brands including Shea Moisture, Mixed Chicks and Giovanni Organic Hair Care, minimizing unpleasant scenarios one product at a time.  Antidote Street also seeks to form long-term partnerships with its brands, providing a strong platform for UK brands to grow In addition to stocking favourites from the US.

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