Sunday Night Pamper Part 2- Avobath Bath Bomb Review

I am not usually a bath bomb fan, but my Grandma bought me the 'Avobath Bath Bomb' from Lush as a gift for Easter. I am not too sure if she thought it was an easter egg, but it was a nice surprise! 

The bath bomb contains real mashed up avocado which is really good for adding moisture to dry skin, and after a busy weekend I wanted to wind down and feel refreshed just in time for work.

Call me shallow, but I mostly loved this bath bomb because it was soooo pretty, it released a lot of glitter but what's even better is that it didn't stick to my skin or the bath as some bath bombs do. It smelt amazing too, a bit overbearing whilst in the packaging but it was a nice refreshing smell once it hit the water and started to do its fizzy thing. The bath bomb contains lemongrass oil and bergamot oil which is really uplifting and turned the usual depressing Sunday night feelings in to a pleasant pamper evening.

I also add baby oil to my baths as it makes your skin feel amazingly soft,  so I think that contributed to me feeling super sleek when I got out of the bath, but it really did work. I am now as smooth as dolphin, thanks Grandma! 

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