How to get PRs to work with you... & keep working with you

PRs need bloggers just as much as bloggers need PRs, so how do you get this relationship going?

Well... How would you impress someone on a first date? First impressions are everything and that's how it is in business, so let's use this as a guide!

Look your best. 

Make sure your blog is looking up to scratch before you approach brands and PRs. Brands have an image that they want to sustain, if it is a luxury product and your brand doesn't scream luxury -we don't have a match and it's just not going to work...

Be confident. 

Bloggers are just as influential as The Sunday Times if they have the right audience. Don't doubt your abilities. Approach PRs expecting to have something come out of it!

Be consistent. 

Ensure that you post regularly but with quality content. This is likely to gain you a larger following, but also gives the PR confidence that you will actually promote their brand and in good time.

Give them your number (s).

Make yourself easy to work with. Create a media kit all about your blog, stats, figures and audience so that they don't have to keep asking. This makes it easy for you but also easier for the PR person. It is also quicker way of keeping track of the success of your blog for your own reference. Make it downloadable from your website if you don't feel confident enough to send out large files to people you don't know yet.

Stay in touch.

Even if it's not love at first email this time, keep in touch as you never know when that brand may want to work with you. If you don't have 20,000 Twitter followers just yet or you don't get enough unique monthly users, stay optimistic and get back in touch when your blog is more of what they are looking for.

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