Sponsored Content - What's The Fuss All About?

Recently the ASA (Advertising Standards Authority) released a 'reminder' (more like a disguised telling off) to Bloggers reminding them of the rules surrounding sponsored content, advertised youtube posts and paid for blog posts. This has caused a massive fuss in the blogger community and it seems that all of the 'big' bloggers are on their tip toes, reminding their followers that most of their posts aren't actually sponsored and that they basically, need to do some sponsored content to keep the blog alive.

Why Now?

With the rise of bloggers seemingly taking over the world, such as Zoella who has over 6 million followers, Tanya Burr who has released a constantly sold out beauty range and Pixiwoo who created the (amazing) Real Technique Brushes , the youtube and blogging world is in the national media at least once a week. Check out this recent article in Stylist for a recent example and more info. So understandably its more important than ever for them to have their legal stuff in line!

The ASA have said that its because they have been inundated with emails from bloggers asking them to clear up what the standards are for blog posts and Youtube posts. They now have to put on the post whether it is a paid for advertorial or if they have been gifted the products. Here is an example of an advertorial.

From A Bloggers Perspective...

Sponsored content is crucial to full time bloggers to keep their blog alive, advertisers place relevant links to be placed in the sidebars of the blogs and in turn, bloggers receive money per click and also a small fee for any items sold through the link on their page.

It also helps bloggers to come up with new and interesting content that their readers will enjoy and it gets pretty expensive buying products to write about each week, so of course if your favourite store offers you a sample for free it makes sense to accept it and write a post you were going to do anyway!
This also doesn't mean that bloggers are forced to write a positive review so it can be a win/win situation for bloggers that want to make money from blogging and for brands that want to reach out to that particular bloggers readers, and get coverage on their product.

From a Brand/Advertiser's/PRs Perspective...

As a PR myself, the whole point is to get coverage for your brand without paying people to talk about. This makes the brand more credible, gets honest feedback and people are more likely to want go for a product that people haven't been paid to write about. a PR will send a sample to a blogger they admire and this gets coverage for the product and this is instead of forking out thousands for advertising.

Why do the bigger bloggers get all the free stuff? you might ask... Well as a PR it is all about return on investment, so the more followers you have, the more coverage your product/brand will get and this in turn proves to the owner of the product that they have invested well in a PR rather than an advertiser!

How to get PRs to notice you? - To avoid this being a super long post I'll do this separately, grab a piece of paper and pen! 

image source: http://www.stylist.co.uk/life/how-to-start-a-vlog-yourself-youtube-tips-advice-zoella-anna-saccone-joly-tanya-burr-louise-sprinkleofglitter


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