Love Beauty the Primark Beauty Bar

Primark Manchester is one of the first UK stores to launch their new beauty bar, 'Love Beauty' and I have to say, I'm impressed. When it comes to my eyebrows it always seems to be a bit hit and miss to me,  but I decided to get my eyebrows neatened up at this shiny new salon!

Dressed in Clinique style uniform, it is obvious that Primark aren't taking their branding lightly and the look and feel of the pop up salons doesn't reflect the price. (Check out the price list above!) I had my eyebrows shaped rather intensely, first threaded, then plucked and then followed by some trimming, I didn't think so much could be done with such little hair.

And voila, the result. 

I went to Primark, Market Street, Manchester

I suggest you get pampered primark soon!

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