A Taste Of Andalusia, Spain


This summer I had a glimpse of what cuisine the Costa Del Sol has to offer... Paella and praline were on the menu during this indulgent weekend.


First up, A buffalo mozzarella salad with cherries, pesto and a basil ice cream. Yep basil ice cream! It was a strange taste at first, a savoury ice cream with cheese.... But it was amazing and had the after taste of pizza... Not the most sophisticated description but I'm sure you're craving pizza now.

The mozzarella was fresh and full of flavour and balanced out well by the basil ice cream that I completely finished. Definitely an original to this amazing restaurant, La Terraza Laurel at La Cala Resort. 


After a very filling traditional Paella, we indulged in a sweet and fluffy Praline. Such a great way to balance out all of the fishy flavours of the paella, the praline tasted like the best quality chocolate you could think of, topped off with a strawberry coulis and washed down with a cold white wine. 

I would definitely recommend light dishes when abroad, but finished off with a satisfying and calorific dessert, because you are on holiday to relax and enjoy! 

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