Home Sweet Home

On one of my first days here in Manchester a friend took me for a little tour of the Northern Quarter. On one sunny sunday, I ventured out to see what foodie places I could visit, none of these pretentious portions though, I wanted a real meal.
Right on my door step, unknown to me was a haven of culture where it seems any flavour burger or beer would be available.  
We enjoyed a filling, fancy breakfast at Home Sweet Home, the cutest american style cafe. Waiters were dressed in 50's style clothing with skater skirts and scruffy converse it felt like we had been transported to an episode of Man vs Food!

The amazingly creative menu offered meals that only a mad man could think of, (or maybe just an American) I decided to go with the Chicken and Waffles with maple syrup. I don't eat bacon and it was easy for me to order my meal without it. The weird and wonderful cakes included, cookie monster muffins, one direction cakes and I particularly liked this lollipop cake below, (I'm a serious sugar addict) they also do cereal topped milkshakes with lucky charms!!

So if you're looking for yummy and filling food, that's definitely worth an instagram post. Check out Home Sweet Home in Manchester!

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