New Beginnings

You know when you accidentally have a fresh start without realising? That's pretty much what happened to me yesterday. I'm so happy to have been offered a placement with a PR Agency in Cheshire, so I'm here, living in Manchester for a year! I study Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations, but have always wanted to do PR as it really is all about networking, writing and being passionate about brands. (and it can be pretty glamorous) 

There are so many different sectors of PR that you can go into, However  I am going to be representing Luxury Hotel and Lifestyle Clients from destinations including Spain, France, Barcelona and of course the UK. Now that I'm not a student for the year, and I am entering the big wide world of work, I will be keeping an 'intern diary' or whatever we are going to call it! 

I am living right in the heart of Manchester for the summer, in a perfect location for bars, restaurants, theatres and shopping and then hopefully moving to a student house later in the year, but it will be interesting to see how I grow throughout the year, mentally, socially and hopefully in my career. 

PS. I have changed my blog URL from mayamarierose.blogspot.co.uk so keep note! 

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