What's On My Face?

 I thought it would be appropriate to go back to basics, start from the bottom... So here's whats on my face on an average day. It seems a lot, However its all in moderation! I like to look made up, yet natural. I apply my makeup with The Real Techniques Core Collection.

Lately I have been big on enhancing my natural eye lashes. To show off the length as much as possible I use Miss Sporty Studio Lash, I have found I always use miss sporty mascara as they use a comb instead of a soft brush and it really pulls the eyelashes out from the root. This mascara is very black, more Jet black than a soft black so I would recommend it if you naturally have dark hair or if you are doing a smokey eye look.

Because I prefer to have my eyebrows quite natural looking and not too 'artistic', I have been just using a pencil, as opposed to an powder and a brush and it is much quicker for an everyday look, for work or Uni, and doesn't rub off, in the same way a powder does. Im currently using a dark brown pencil from Beauty UK.

When I am on the go, I find using a highlighting concealer underneath my eyes and just above the balls of my cheeks makes my face appear brighter and more fresh. I have recently purchased Mac Select Cover Up Concealer in shade NC42 which is just one shade up, for an under eye concealer. I also clean up my eyebrows with this concealer...

MAC Studio Fix is hands down the best powder EVER! I always use this without foundation underneath, it gives you a nice glow especially when you're in a rush my shade is NW45. For a full coverage I also use the MAC Studio Fix Fluid in NW47, however its no longer my favourite and I'd like to branch out and try something else.

MAC Taupe is a new purchase and is my everyday nude lipstick. I think having an everyday lippy is so handy. It is described as a 'reddish brown' so I recommend this for Asian, or black girls especially.


MAC Raizin is the perfect blush, It is a very deep reddish brown so it's sophisticated and not too bright, It's also perfect to use as a contour colour, especially on brown skin.

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All photos my own. Taken by: http://jennishaanne.blogspot.co.uk

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