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I have been transitioning for nearly 2 years now and have discovered a lot about my hair on the way. Firstly, everyone is different. It is important to realise that you have to find what works for you and not what someone who appears to just have the same length hair is using.
We all have different hair types. It depends which interpretation you use, 
but refer to the chart below for guidance:

Moisturising natural hair is the main thing you need to worry about when transitioning. The difference between the thick coils and the straight relaxed hair has a lot of tension which means your hair is likely to break. This is called the line of demarcation and holds a lot of problems for people like me that are transitioning. By trimming you hair regularly and moisturising it with these core products you can minimise any damage! 


Raw Shea Butter
blend or melt to apply to hair because it is very stiff!
Almond Oil
or any oil that has natural protein 
Castor Oil
smells awful but is amazing for growth. Use it sparingly because it is very heavy. I only use it on my edges, but you can also use it on problem areas of the skin
Shea Butter Leave In Conditioner -
 use after shampooing on towel dried hair or for use during styling
TRESemmé Shampoo and Conditioner -
Tresemm√© products are often underrated but I find that the shampoo and conditioner leave my hair really soft and easy to comb out. 

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What's On My Face?

 I thought it would be appropriate to go back to basics, start from the bottom... So here's whats on my face on an average day. It seems a lot, However its all in moderation! I like to look made up, yet natural. I apply my makeup with The Real Techniques Core Collection.

Lately I have been big on enhancing my natural eye lashes. To show off the length as much as possible I use Miss Sporty Studio Lash, I have found I always use miss sporty mascara as they use a comb instead of a soft brush and it really pulls the eyelashes out from the root. This mascara is very black, more Jet black than a soft black so I would recommend it if you naturally have dark hair or if you are doing a smokey eye look.

Because I prefer to have my eyebrows quite natural looking and not too 'artistic', I have been just using a pencil, as opposed to an powder and a brush and it is much quicker for an everyday look, for work or Uni, and doesn't rub off, in the same way a powder does. Im currently using a dark brown pencil from Beauty UK.

When I am on the go, I find using a highlighting concealer underneath my eyes and just above the balls of my cheeks makes my face appear brighter and more fresh. I have recently purchased Mac Select Cover Up Concealer in shade NC42 which is just one shade up, for an under eye concealer. I also clean up my eyebrows with this concealer...

MAC Studio Fix is hands down the best powder EVER! I always use this without foundation underneath, it gives you a nice glow especially when you're in a rush my shade is NW45. For a full coverage I also use the MAC Studio Fix Fluid in NW47, however its no longer my favourite and I'd like to branch out and try something else.

MAC Taupe is a new purchase and is my everyday nude lipstick. I think having an everyday lippy is so handy. It is described as a 'reddish brown' so I recommend this for Asian, or black girls especially.


MAC Raizin is the perfect blush, It is a very deep reddish brown so it's sophisticated and not too bright, It's also perfect to use as a contour colour, especially on brown skin.

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All photos my own. Taken by: http://jennishaanne.blogspot.co.uk


Brand New....

It's been a while, and I have decided to do a revamp! Better photography and more focused posts on the things I love, (and frequently buy). I will do frequent makeup reviews and many more 'TAG' posts! Also, more focus on my transitioning journey from relaxed hair, to 100% natural.

Thanks for Reading and stay tuned! xxxx

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