The Perfect Primer!

Since I am a bit of a product junkie, I am always watching youtube videos to find new products to fix all my makeup and hair woes. I have a very oily T zone, my nose in particular is so oily that I often avoid moisturising that area of my face. However underneath my eyes and the balls of my cheeks tends to be quite dry, so I have typical combination skin. It is really a pain when I want to wear full coverage foundation but don't want to risk it looking to shiny, thus I have always craved a matte look!

My most recent discovery is Milk of Magnesia (MoM). Many makeup addicts describe this as the best primer they have ever used as it lasts so long, keeps their face matte and works as a really good foundation base. 

When I went to purchase it, I didn't realise that it is actually used for upset stomachs and indigestion, so I'm pretty sure that all the shops I went in to look for it, think I have some sort of issue!!
By the time I got to the final store I told the sales assistant that I want to use it as a primer as many people have suggested it and the final look always looked fabulous, she seemed shocked as it really is a DIY approach, I don't know how this was discovered but I really suggest to buy it. 
I got mine in boots in the health/pharmacy section for £5, at first I thought it was quite expensive for what it was, but there is a lot in the bottle and the typical price for a primer can go up to a lot more than a fiver, with a lot less of the product. 

I have used it for the first time today, and I have to say that my skin looks dewy and refreshed and has kept my makeup in place throughout the day, I could have probably added a bit more to my nose as some shine is still coming through, but MoM dries with a white chalky residue (on darker skin) and this put me off using more! The chalky residue can be covered right over just like any primer and makes no difference to the outcome of the final look so next time I go all out with my make-up (which will be New Years Eve) 

Go and try it out and see for yourself, oh and always use the original, flavour the one that I've shown above. 


  1. Wow, what a good idea! let me know how you get along!
    Check out my blog:www.kavichick2000.wordpress.com xo

  2. It's working well so far! looks very weird though haha
    and yes I will do



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