The Perfect Primer!

Since I am a bit of a product junkie, I am always watching youtube videos to find new products to fix all my makeup and hair woes. I have a very oily T zone, my nose in particular is so oily that I often avoid moisturising that area of my face. However underneath my eyes and the balls of my cheeks tends to be quite dry, so I have typical combination skin. It is really a pain when I want to wear full coverage foundation but don't want to risk it looking to shiny, thus I have always craved a matte look!

My most recent discovery is Milk of Magnesia (MoM). Many makeup addicts describe this as the best primer they have ever used as it lasts so long, keeps their face matte and works as a really good foundation base. 

When I went to purchase it, I didn't realise that it is actually used for upset stomachs and indigestion, so I'm pretty sure that all the shops I went in to look for it, think I have some sort of issue!!
By the time I got to the final store I told the sales assistant that I want to use it as a primer as many people have suggested it and the final look always looked fabulous, she seemed shocked as it really is a DIY approach, I don't know how this was discovered but I really suggest to buy it. 
I got mine in boots in the health/pharmacy section for £5, at first I thought it was quite expensive for what it was, but there is a lot in the bottle and the typical price for a primer can go up to a lot more than a fiver, with a lot less of the product. 

I have used it for the first time today, and I have to say that my skin looks dewy and refreshed and has kept my makeup in place throughout the day, I could have probably added a bit more to my nose as some shine is still coming through, but MoM dries with a white chalky residue (on darker skin) and this put me off using more! The chalky residue can be covered right over just like any primer and makes no difference to the outcome of the final look so next time I go all out with my make-up (which will be New Years Eve) 

Go and try it out and see for yourself, oh and always use the original, flavour the one that I've shown above. 


Second year stress, Quick Catch up & 2014.

First year at university didn't prepare me at all. Starting second year was pretty much the same as the jump from Secondary School, to Sixth form and yep it hurt when I landed! The first two weeks involved constant partying…..



and yep, this is where I also crashed and burned. After working all summer, most of us came back with energy waiting to be unleashed on broad st. But a couple of weeks later, the assignments began, the group-work meetings started and the energy was gone!! I also have had 2 jobs already this term. One was following from the job I started in summer and I was lucky enough to get a transfer, but the pay was awful and it was boring, so I left for a Christmas temp job which has been fun, yet tiring and I haven't really been out since!

I have learnt a lot this term and have actually been so focused, working on a live brief for my uni's marketing Agency ran by students has made me realise that PR is really what I want to do! I also won an iPad mini this term and it really motivated me to keep working hard and maybe I can keep winning things yay! One of my assignments due in the new year is all about making a blog, and luckily enough I can use the one I have. I really hope to do well in this assignment, thus the reason I am going to start writing much more in depth posts and also turn Maya's world into more of a lifestyle blog, as inspired by The Londoner (I AM ADDICTED).

Living away from home truly gives you the space you need to find out things about your own personality, bad and good. One thing I have realised is that I can pretty much talk about anything, anytime, (all day long) so I want my blog to show this and show you a bit of Maya's World. In the New year I really hope to make something of my blog and get to at least 100 followers by the end of 2014. Working so many hours has made me feel drab and under the weather, so another thing I want to do is a wardrobe revamp, although every one of my friends has said the same thing!!

Currently… I am on the hunt for a year long Industrial Placement in the Advertising, Marketing and PR sector , particularly PR,  starting around June. so if you have any recommendations of where to apply, or if for some weird reason you want to employ me (PLEASE) get in touch!

Anyway, that was just a little post on what's to come on the blog and what I have been up too…. (evidently not much) Thanks for reading anyway and as usual…. follow me on bloglovin and I'll follow you back!

M&S and the Pork-Gate

As you may well have heard, unless you live under a rock (or don't have twitter) M&S have issued a new policy that allows Muslim workers to refuse to serve customers wishing to purchase items that are prohibited in their religion. Although a spokesperson has made it clear that this policy also applies to Christian and Jewish workers, their is really only an uproar around the muslim staff. In the news, the emphasis has been placed on products such as Pork and Alcohol, two things that A LOT of religions do not encourage their followers eat. You'll find that Jews, Rastafarians and Seventh Day Adventists just to name a few, don't encourage the consumption of pork and I'm sure you'll already know that a lot of Hindu's, Sikhs, Buddhists and some small Christian groups (to name a few) are vegetarians altogether.

However, As usual the british media are intent on spreading Islamophobia and highlighting any cultural differences between your average roast pork loving, red wine drinking daily mail reader and any muslim person, british or not. It seems to me that the media are trying to make people look for their 'good old Britain', so of course we'll all love David Cameron for trying to tightening immigration laws and then the majority of Britian can enjoy their indian takeaway and fosters beer (originating from poland) in peace.

At the end of the day, Any person with common sense, who practises a religion such as Islam knows what kind of environment they are going to be in when applying for a job. Marks and Spencers, Asda and all other supermarkets will always sell alcohol and meat and retail workers will most likely have a job description when they start…. It would be unfair to assume that every religious worker wants these new policies as they could potentially cause them to be ostracised at work, or even have customers purposely avoid them...

Have M&S made a problem where there wasn't one?

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