My Favourite A/W Lipsticks

Nearly every blogger has written about this trend. I was going to do your usual Polyvore style collage with suggested lipsticks BUT I know how much I hate to see a lipstick on a picture and then I try it or buy it in real life and it makes my lips look like rubber tyres. 
So personally I like to see swatches or pictures of someone with a similar colour skin as mine wearing the lipstick they are suggesting. Therefore I thought let me not be a hypocrite ey, oh and I have enough dark red lipsticks for all my friends never mind just little o. I just realised whilst writing this that I have left a lipstick out but I really don't have the energy to take my pictures and edit them all over again now!! ah! 

I prefer matte lipsticks, not just in winter but especially in winter because they add to that mysterious ' oh I'm so cold, yet so fabulous' look everyone likes to have going on. I don't think shiny red lipstick is nice whatsoever but in a darker tone such as revlon's grape (above) it can make a harsh face seem less harsh. 

my top tip using the shades I'm showing you above, is to create your own ombre lip. 
I don't know about you but I don't actually own a lipliner! so what I've found you can do, if you're an amateur like me is to use a darker shade such as Ruthless or another purple toned colour around the lip line and then fill with a similar dark shade but with a more reddish tone such as MAC Diva and then rub your lips together to make the contrast more blended and less harsh. 

what are your favourite lip colours for this season? 

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